Monday, September 14, 2009

Instax 200

In normal circumstances a photographer would have access to all his equipment letting him freely stroll through the world of creativity, however as I’m on the road, I’m nailed down to only one camera and one lens to save space in my back pack. Creatively, this is so frustrating and using the same lens for months on end is too repetitive and boring! That was until I came across this Instax 200 in a second hand shop in Portugal about 3 months ago. I was told the instant film is very hard to find as they don’t make it anymore and I spent about a month looking for it in all sorts of different countries until finding it in a small shop in Paris.

 As a kid instant cameras were used during social events such as Christmas, birthdays and of course, family holidays so this is where I have gathered my inspiration from.I have decided to shoot my subjects in relation with the country I’m in to create  and continue the straight forward documentation that travellers have on stereotypes.


Pebble beach - Croatia.

Hemp - Holland

Float - Croatia.

PUNK NOT DAD - Croatia.

JUMBO Supermarkten - Holland.

Erotic Megastore - Belguim.
The sea side - Belgium.
Bern - Switzerland.
Heinenken - Holland.
Windmill - Belgium.
Sunset - Paris.
Sun bathers - Paris.

Lucerne’s river - switerland.