Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Random 35mm shots from the past.

Hans No Thumbs. Ocean Shores, 2007.
I met Hans through my father and one Friday afternoon and spent hours talking to him about his life. he told me about how he fought in wars all around the world and of all things that come with it. he told me how he was shot through the shoulder and stabbed through his hand but when i asked what happened to his thumb, he just laughed and said, "never mind..."

Hallway Jam, Byron Bay, 2008.
Boz out of the local hardcore band, 50 Lions and the village drunk, Kent Wright teamed together to create the song, "Lady Killer" in their hallway during a house party. It was a smash hit but unfortunately no Lady's were killed that night...

Bushfire, Iluka. 2002.
We headed to Iluka fairly often when we were younger to surf the local wedge. On the occasion, the summer heat had turned the air so hot creating a natural barrier of smoke and flames.

Billinudgel Industrial estate, 2007.
The nudge is a strange place and when the sun goes down, it gets even more weird. every morning, I'd notice something new taken off the stolen, or abandoned car.

Brunswick River, 2002.
we camped there the night and i left my camera outside the tent. i woke in the morning to find condensation in my lens leaving me with these awesome shapes and colours.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Japanese motors

The Japanese Motors from Costa Mesa in California, played late december at Alhambra in brisvagas and blow us all away.

Also, The boys from Byron, The fisted Princesses also played in support but are we working on some portrait shots of the boys so i'll be sure to post more of them along with the others from this night.

Rocken roll baby.

Click to enlarhge, dood.

New Years Eve

For most people, we like to celebrate the new year by having a few beers, hanging with some mates and watching the fireworks - not dressing up like them. But i guess with out this glowing, bright homo-chubakka, our night would have been pretty dim.

Happy new year everybody,


Afends Adds

They needed a portrait for Ellis Ericson's doudle pager and also another "shity" snap for general use.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Festival Of The Sun

The Festival Of The Sun was held last december and it was a fun event filled with great live music, good food and ironicly, mud.

Foucus Magazine asked me to come down to the BYO festival in Port Macqarie to take these shots and plenty more.

Dallas Frasca.

True Live.

Mary Trembles.

The Vasco Era.

The Panics.