Monday, November 16, 2009

They don't make em like they used too.

Recently, My girlfriend came home one afternoon with a present for me. She had been at the famous Brick Lane Markets here in London and picked up this Kodak Brownie D for an easy 10 pounds. Excited as I was to start using it, I opened it up and noticed it still had a roll of film in it from the owner before me. I got the the film developed hoping to find some evidence of who it used to belonged to and found these photographs maybe dating back to the 50's or 60's. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Singles: Travel Photography

If I could describe to you how it felt to begin travelling around the world, I could simply say it was just like skydiving.
The anticipation of buying your tickets and walking out to the runway. The smell of fuel and the heat rising from the tarmac only adding to the tension as you step into the plane. Spending time in a non- English speaking country will change you just like the moment you let yourself fall out of the plane, letting every part of your unwanted troubles behind – even if it is just for a few moments.  Lost in time and space, you will roll and tumble, flip and twist until you pull yourself together and take control of the situation giving you an outstanding, overwhelming since of clarity and a perfect view of life on earth.

Looking back at both of the two life changing events I can see similarities in all aspects. The thrill, excitement, the rush, the unknown but most importantly, the final view on the world after truly looking at it for what it is. No brochures, no lonely planet guilds were needed. Just a map, the erg to explore at free will.

These collection of photographs were taken with in the last 6-7 months.



Peace - Croatia.

Casey - San Francisco.
The Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco.

The woods - Holland.

Sunset - Berlin.

Beyond the city. The Amsterdam outskirts.

Ann Frank's House - Amsterdam.

Industrial estate - Belgium.

Build an empire to only burn it down - Germany.

Wheat - Portugal. 

The Alhambra, Spain.
The louvre - Paris. 

The floating human - Croatia.

Sand dunes - Portugal. 

I was lost, yet again. Portugal.

Soaking it up on The French Rivera.

I was lost but moving 30 km's an hour. Somewhere in between Portugal and France

Take a photo of them taking a photo. Italy

At the office, Paris.

Barcelona - Spain

A collection of pebbles and people, Nice - France.

Tom and the death train, Morocco.

Disneyland - Paris.
Bees V's noghurt, Morocco.
Backstreet football, Morocco

Tangier, the gate way to Morocco.

Nice, France.

The city of lust, Paris.
The free traveler, Florence - Italy.

The Seine River, Paris

Marching band, France

Local butcher, Fez - Morocco.

What on earth? Switzerland.

100 euros a day, Biarritz - france.

I see red, Balboa - Spain.

Dying pits, Morocco

Back ally beers. Florence - Italy.

X marks the spot, Monaco. 

No love - spain

Cityscape, New York -  USA

No photo, Pisa - Italy

City life, york - UK 

Over 9000 streets. Seriously. Morocco

An overview, New York - USA

3rd highest train station in europe - Switzerland

Monday, September 14, 2009

Instax 200

In normal circumstances a photographer would have access to all his equipment letting him freely stroll through the world of creativity, however as I’m on the road, I’m nailed down to only one camera and one lens to save space in my back pack. Creatively, this is so frustrating and using the same lens for months on end is too repetitive and boring! That was until I came across this Instax 200 in a second hand shop in Portugal about 3 months ago. I was told the instant film is very hard to find as they don’t make it anymore and I spent about a month looking for it in all sorts of different countries until finding it in a small shop in Paris.

 As a kid instant cameras were used during social events such as Christmas, birthdays and of course, family holidays so this is where I have gathered my inspiration from.I have decided to shoot my subjects in relation with the country I’m in to create  and continue the straight forward documentation that travellers have on stereotypes.


Pebble beach - Croatia.

Hemp - Holland

Float - Croatia.

PUNK NOT DAD - Croatia.

JUMBO Supermarkten - Holland.

Erotic Megastore - Belguim.
The sea side - Belgium.
Bern - Switzerland.
Heinenken - Holland.
Windmill - Belgium.
Sunset - Paris.
Sun bathers - Paris.

Lucerne’s river - switerland.